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MHS Agriculture Program

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Urban Agriculture

Classroom “Spark” Grants

Annual College Trip

Programs We Want to Fund – But Can’t Without Your Help

Urban Agriculture

MHS Farm To Table
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The Food and Agriculture Program

The Food and Agriculture program’s goal is to empower Mission students and their families to:

1) be active and engaged in food justice movements and

2) to make healthy living decisions within the broader context of the economic, ecological, and social components of food systems.

The Food and Agriculture program frames food justice as a holistic issue within the context of these systems rather than a singular focus on nutrition or greening movements.

Similarly, healthy living decisions take into account this holistic approach and includes the interconnection of food consumption (cooking, nutrition) and growing practices (organic/commercial, water use, and labor practices).

Classroom Grants

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The SPARK Mission High School Teacher Grant Program

Teachers are the nucleus of the Mission High School student experience. To demonstrate the foundation’s appreciation of and commitment to teachers, the foundation’s first grant program is designed to directly support teacher creativity, innovation, empathy and hard work.

SPARK Grant Criteria

  • Alignment with MHS balanced scorecard goals
  • Alignment with SFUSD Vision 2025
  • Innovative project based blended discipline programs
  • Equity centered programs

Annual College Trip

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The Mission High School Annual College Trip

One of the greatest privileges the Mission High Foundation has each year is the funding of the Annual College Trip.  Each year for the past five years, 40 rising Juniors make a trip to visit California colleges so that the students, most of whom will be the first in their families to go to college, can get a real feel for what attending college will be like.

Over a 4-day period the students, led by the Principal and accompanied by teacher-chaperones, travel by bus and visit four to five carefully selected colleges in California. In past years, students have visited schools like UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly, other UC and Cal State universities as well as a number of private colleges and universities. Without a trip like this, most of the students would not have an opportunity to visit colleges.

There is limited to no budget for something like this.  Money is needed for the cost of the bus rental, motel rooms (students stay four per room), meals, etc.

For many people for whom college is accepted and expected, it is difficult to understand the impact that a trip like this can have on the students who often have no idea what to expect, what a campus looks like, what dormitories are like, or the unique energy that colleges and universities exude.

The students come away from these trips excited and about the prospect of college and the proof is in Mission High’s outstanding record in sending graduates to a wide variety excellent colleges and universities throughout California and across the U.S.

The Mission High Foundation,  with the generous support from our community, looks forward to funding and the college trip for many years to come.

Pressing Needs

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Pressing Needs

Mission High aims to raise $150,000 by the end of 2022.

The pandemic has caused unprecedented need throughout the world, and Mission High is no exception. These needs include:

  • COVID risk mitigation: masks & tests
  • Student wellness and mental health services
  • College application fee support in the midst of COVID-19 economic downturn
  • College Preparation
  • Career preparation programs
  • Remedial + advanced instruction
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