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Join Us in Creating Possibilities! Help Support and Nurture Learning at Mission High

November 29, 2022 – The Mission High Foundation raises funds for Mission High School, a vibrant, diverse public school here in San Francisco. Our purpose is to enable Mission High School students to successfully graduate, enter college or vocational school and prepare for life. For this school year, our goal is to raise $125,000.

Each year, we cover the cost of College Application and related fees for over 100 low-income Mission High students.

When students have second thoughts about the costs of applying, the Mission High Foundation immediately removes barriers – Ahmadis Velez, Director Mission High College Admissions Program

I’d like to thank the Mission High Foundation for the generous help to apply to many colleges. I come from a single parent household, and I know that my mother cannot pay for fees for all the colleges I’m considering.” – Mission High Student, class of 2022

Another major focus is our Small Teacher Grant program providing grants of $200-2,000 directly to Mission High teachers. These grants cover unbudgeted needs both inside and outside the classroom. Last year we awarded 36 grants. Your gifts paid for classroom books, digital subscriptions, science lab supplies, cooking supplies, field trips etc.

The Mission High Foundation funding has been extraordinary in helping us to close the learning
gap in STEM education,” providing “”hands-on” lab experiences and a concrete connection for our students to the principles that they are studying. Just this year, the Foundation helped us fund a Photosynthesis Lab that enriched the learning experience by giving both visual and tactile evidence to a normally theoretical process.” – Mark Lau, Science teacher

The positive impact of these two programs is clear. Last spring 31 students were admitted to UC Berkeley with others admitted across the UC and Cal State systems plus a wide range of prestigious private colleges including Stanford, Yale, Boston University, Columbia and Morehouse.

Other areas we intend to fund this year include upgraded laptops and projectors for classrooms, support for Health and Wellness initiatives and MH’s Urban Agriculture, Culinary and Nutrition programs.

Please make a gift today to help support and nurture learning at Mission High School. Your gift of any size will provide a positive impact for students and teachers! 100% of each donation goes directly to enhancing student learning experiences and meeting teacher needs. All administrative expenses are covered by the board.

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