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Headsets for remote learning

August 17, 2020 – The Mission High Foundation received a shipment of 400 headsets for use by Mission High’s students and faculty.

Many students lack quiet, non-distracting places where they can attend remote classes, study and work collaboratively with classmates.    While many students have their own headsets, a substantial number don’t have thee and are not likely to be able to purchase them.  This is a classic example of a situation where a small fix, a  small expenditure can make have a huge impact on educational outcomes.

Because of this issue, Mission High’s faculty identified headsets as a priority need so that these students can fully participate in remote learning and other Mission High Activities.

Working with faculty we selected noise insulating over-the-ear headsets that include directional mics.  They are specifically configured for educational and business purposes offering good quality audio,  a high degree of ruggedness and work with Chromebooks, PCs, Macs and most phones.  We were able to negotiate pricing of $15 each delivered.  An inexpensive solution was essential given Mission High’s many other needs.  This is the classic example of a situation where a small expenditure can have huge impact.

These Headsets are being distributed to students this week as they come by the school  to pick up Chromebooks and internet connectivity tools.  Depending on need, we may purchase as many as another 500 headsets.

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